Hourly Financial Planning

Sometimes you just have one question.

How does my 401(k) work and how should I invest it?

How should I manage my spending?

I’ve got two job offers. Which one is giving me a better package?


Should I buy a new home?

These are some of the targeted financial questions I’m happy to work with you on.


I just got laid off. What do I need to do first?


How should I save for my child’s college?


Should I rent or own my home?


I just got a new job and all new benefits. What should I do?

How Does It Work?

I think that all financial decisions are made better when the entire financial picture is understood. But I also understand that sometimes, all you have the “bandwidth” for is a limited consultation.

If we work together on an hourly basis, I will provide an estimate for the number of hours and the cost of the work. The eventual fee will be based on actual hours worked, not the estimate.

How much does it cost?

$225/hour, due upon delivery of my analysis and recommendations.

Is just that One Thing holding you back?

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