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Associate Advisor (Filled; No longer accepting applications)

Posted June 20, 2019

  • W-2 position
  • Hours: Full Time, 40 hours/wk. 9am-5:30pm, west coast hours
  • Location: Virtual
  • Start Date: Early-to-mid September
  • Compensation: $50,000/yr

About Flow

I launched Flow Financial Planning, LLC in May 2016 to provide fee-only financial planning to early-to-mid-career women in the tech industry.  Flow is a virtual practice. All work is online. Meetings are via videoconference. The firm is still young, and we change things big and small quite regularly.

Flow has been growing quickly and consistently for the last two years. We are turning away far more interested, well-qualified prospective clients than I feel comfortable with…simply because we don’t have the advisor capacity!

To learn more about Flow, visit our website. To learn more about the topics we work on with clients (and get a sense of how we work on them, and how we communicate), visit my blog. To learn more about our team, read the About page.

About the Role

This role is a career position. Initially, I need you to support my work with clients. As the business continues to grow, and as your skill in the role grows, we’ll look to expand your position, and also for compensation and benefits to grow.



  • Your primary job is to attend all client meetings, take notes, and finish all the after- meeting work (sending notes to client, uploading written plans or other documents to the client portal, maintain records in the CRM, assigning all follow-up tasks to team members or the client)
  • Meet with me before meetings to do a run-through, and afterwards for a debrief
  • Spend time with our client services specialist, learning the administrative aspects of the process
  • Gather data from clients
  • Create and send agendas to clients (in coordination with me)
  • Draft written plan
  • Research clients’ questions


  • Pass Series 65 exam (if you don’t have the CFP® designation)
  • Coordinate with allied professionals (CPA, estate planning attorney, career coach, etc.)
  • Pass CFP® courses and take the exam
  • Assist with portfolio management and trading
  • Make recommendations to clients
  • Answer clients’ questions directly

About You

  • Work experience: 0-3 years of experience in financial planning; at least a few years of full-time work experience in any industry
  • Bachelor’s degree (don’t care what it’s in)
  • Started the CFP® coursework (finished is great)
  • Embrace a startup culture, for all its pros and cons. Flow is a young firm. It is growing and changing quickly. It offers a lot of opportunity for professional growth. There’s not a lot of the bureaucracy or structure that you might find in a larger firm. This is great if you welcome the opportunity to contribute to how Flow evolves and how it serves its clients. It’s definitely not great if you want a set career path and clear instructions on every task.
  • Communicate effectively and respectfully. We are not necessarily formal, however.
  • Detail oriented. There’s a lot of spreadsheets, note taking, data entry, specific client communications, etc. in this role…mistakes will happen, but I want to minimize them as much as possible.
  • Generally tech savvy, and specifically comfortable with Excel. Nothing too fancy.
  • Willing to think regularly about how to improve… everything: which tech tools we use and how, the client service process, our deliverables.

Because you’ll be working remotely:

  • Reliable internet connection. If you are not hard-wired, think hard about how reliable your wifi is. Occasional breakups during meetings are to be expected, but they need to be the exception.
  • Appropriate office space for client meetings. We meet virtually, and your videoconference background needs to be appropriate. Can be as simple as a blank wall. You can work in coffee shops and the like, but client meetings need to be in a controlled, quiet, professional space. Occasional pet drive-bys acceptable.
  • Visit Bellingham, WA twice/year to meet with the team (expenses paid by Flow)
  • A good phone. We don’t conduct a lot of business by phone, but it happens. Your phone, be it cell or landline, needs to be good.


  • $50k/year salary
  • Professional development budget: $2000/year
  • Professional dues paid:
    • FPA
    • CFP
    • XY Planning Network
  • A laptop with necessary accessories. You will be expected to do Flow work on Flow hardware using Flow software, for security’s sake and to ensure consistent process and product.
  • Vacation policy
  • Experience eligible for 2-year apprenticeship track for CFP designation

What we are not offering now:

  • Retirement plan
  • Health insurance. Please think about how you’re going to get health insurance if you work here.
  • Disability insurance. Membership in the FPA enables you to buy group long-term coverage through Ryan Insurance; I do that and encourage you to do it, too.

To Apply

Please submit in an email to jobs@flowfp.com:

  • Subject Line: “Interested in AA position” and your name
  • Cover letter
    • What drew you to financial planning?
    • What do you most want to learn in this job?
    • Tell me about your professional history and aspirations.
  • A video (no more than 5 minutes)
    • Tell me a bit about yourself. I like to know my clients’ stories, so I’d like to know yours as well.
    • Why do you want to work at Flow?
    • What skills or attributes would you bring to Flow and its clients?
  • Resume
  • Link to LinkedIn profile, Twitter account (if you have one)
  • (Optional) Anything else you think might help me understand the you-ness of you

Please note that I’m not relying on you having any particular hardware and software tools to apply for the role. If you work at Flow, we will provide all that. Do the best with the tools you currently have.

What happens next? I’ll reach out to you to let you know the next steps and if I’d like to move to the next step in the interview process. Every applicant will hear back, yea or nay.

And thank you for applying!

Administrative Assistant (Filled; No longer accepting applications)

  • W-2 position
  • Hours: 15-20 hrs/week. I am flexible about exactly when (within normal work hours).
  • Location: Starting off, entirely in my detached home office in the York neighborhood of Bellingham. Then can transition to partly virtual.
  • Start Date: ASAP
  • Compensation: $20/hour

Jill or Jack of All Trades (Filled; No longer accepting applications)

  • 1099 position
  • Hours: Starting at 5 hrs/week. Assuming we work well together, increasing to 10/week in first month, with hoped for growth from there
  • Location: Virtual, though extra points for being within visiting distance of Bellingham, WA so we can meet on occasion
  • Start Date: Sept. 5, 2017
  • I will not be responding to applications/inquiries until August 18. No points for early submission. But points for a thorough one!
  • Compensation: $20/hour. Assuming we work well together, and you take on more planning responsibilities, there is upside.

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Flow Financial Planning, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the States of Washington, California, and New York.

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