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October 2017

Is Open Enrollment Overwhelming? Just Focus on a Few Things.

Is your open enrollment deadline weighing down on you? Do you feel a persistently anxious feeling because of it?
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Why Do Women Cry at Work? And How Should We Feel About It?

Subtitle: How to Secure Your Place in Hell
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Are You “Bad at Finances”? Pshaw! (Video)

Do you find yourself wanting someone else to “just take care of my finances for me, please!”?
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Career Lessons for Women in Tech from the Grace Hopper Conference

Perhaps my most visceral lesson from the recent Grace Hopper conference was “Good lord, Google has a lot of money.”
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Investing in Individual Stocks is Cheap and Easy. And Dangerous.

Low-cost stock-trading platforms have been around for years. E*Trade, Schwab, TDAmeritrade.
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You Just Got Laid Off. What Should You Do Now? The First Two Weeks.

You’ve been laid off. You took my advice to Just Don’t Do Something, Stand There during the first few days. But now, now it’s time to do some stuff.
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