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January 2019

Flow FP's block woman sees her yoga mat, high above her on a rock wall. How to get to it?

Do you love your yoga practice? You can apply it to your finances.

Just getting on the mat is the hardest part. Do you do yoga? Do you love yoga? I do. My yoga practices goes back 20 years (because, evidently, I’m Old),
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Flow FP's block woman contemplates her emergency fund.

Emergency funds. Yes, they’re boring. But do you actually have one that’s big enough?

You cannot cruise the internet without tripping over articles about the partial government shutdown and the increasingly horrible effects it’s having on many government workers and their finances and their
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What? You mean my 401(k) can go DOWN? Well, I never…

How long have you been paying attention to your investments, or to the stock market? Has it been only for the last few years, or, maybe only since 2009?
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You really really want to do Your Thing. Are you simply waiting for permission? (Video)

Do you have a Big Idea for your life? Quit your job and start your own business! Take a sabbatical! Buy an expensive home! Go back to school! And is
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