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May 2019

If You Have RSUs and Your Company Just Went Public, You Miiiight Want to Check Your Tax Situation.

A curious thing is happening when big tech companies, like Lyft and Uber, go IPO nowadays. I mean, aside from the fact that their stock immediately starts losing value…although that
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Flow FP's Block Woman celebrates 3 years of Flow Financial Planning!

Flow Turns 3

Today is Flow’s third anniversary. Hallelujah. I am occasionally the introspective sort. And occasionally others benefit from those introspections, so I thought I’d publish said introspections on the last three
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Flow FP's Block Woman hides in her foxhole, worried about impending catastrophe.

Do you fear a recession might be around the corner? What can you do to prepare?

Have you started to hear rumblings from your friends, colleagues, family, or the media that a recession is probably coming soon? Are you nursing a fair bit of anxiety about
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