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October 2019

Flow FP's Block woman is safe in her bucket, in a dangerous world.

It’s the 90th anniversary of the Crash of 1929. Are you ready for the next market crash?

As is part of my weekend tradition, this past weekend I read Jason Zweig’s column (paywall) in the Wall Street Journal. (And yes, to answer your unasked question: I do
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It’s 20 (40) years until I retire! How do I save and invest for the between-now-and-then? (Video)

We’re pretty good at saving for the long term (retirement). We have our 401(k)s and IRAs. We’re pretty good at saving for now. We have cash in our bank accounts.
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Report from the Women-in-Tech Front (a.k.a. GHC19)

Things I learned at Grace Hopper this year: I cannot do basic arithmetic while standing in front of an audience of 200 people. 100 x 1000 really should be doable.
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