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March 2020

What Should I Do with My Vesting RSUs, Now that the Stock Market Is Tanking?

You work for a public company. Your RSUs are continuing to vest. The stock market and, more importantly, your company stock have dropped a lot in price. Even if you’ve
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Meg’s Musings: Coronavirus Edition

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has upended much of how we understand our lives to work, it has made me wonder about a potential good impact: Will our lives feel
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Flow FP's Block Woman examines potential advisers with a magnifying glass.

Yes, vetting a financial planner is still entirely on you. Sorry. Here are some questions that can help.

I’m guessing you don’t follow the financial-services media, so you probably missed the recent Giant Kerfuffle: the CFP® Board decided to remove compensation method from its Find a Planner tool.
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Stock market. Coronavirus. Do you feel a wee bit anxious? Find comfort in numbers (and double entendres!).

Presumably you have been consuming a lot of media about the coronavirus and the recent stock-market drop. Over the last two weeks, the financial media has been bleeding and leading,
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