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What I—and Hopefully You—Can Learn from My 85-Year-Old Aunt.

She and her dog stopped along the trail through the chaparral. She bent over and took something out of her cargo pants pocket. “Is that a pedometer?” “Yes,” she responded.
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You Can Save in Three Different Tax “Buckets.” What Are They, and Why Should You Care?

I’m violating one of the cardinal rules of content marketing here by writing about something I want you to know about, instead of something that you want you to know
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Flow FP's Block Woman Contemplates the Shell Game

Protect Your Tax Return from The Bad Guys (No, Not the IRS)

A client recently told me a harrowing story of how his employer had accidentally leaked personal information about every employee to some Nefarious Agents. My client went right home and
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How Much Money Do You Need?

Our clients are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s. They’re all well paid. Many have gone through big liquidity events (read: IPO) that have dumped a big Bucket O’Money™ in
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How Could the House and Biden Tax Proposals Affect You? What Should You Do Before Year’s End?

Have you been hearing a lot about the tax proposals coming out of Washington D.C.? First it was President Biden’s back in April. In early September, it was the House
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Angel investing. You really really want to. But should you?

You got that itch to invest in some early stage companies. Maybe a former colleague founded a company and you know they’re Super Smart and their idea is So Good.
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Flow FP's Block Woman is hit by some tax code changes.

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA (Contribution)? Should I Do it? How Do I Do It?

If I had to wager, backdoor Roth IRA contributions are in the top 3 of #personalfinance Slack channel topics.
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I Just Received My Open Enrollment Benefits Booklet. Am I Actually Supposed to Read This Thing?

Amazon recently announced their move from a less-common springtime open enrollment schedule to a more traditional fall one—a change that elicited some (Zoom- and Slack-based) water-cooler chatter from the team
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Meg’s Musings: Your Spending Doesn’t Affect Just You.

    Ramit Sethi’s work on the psychology of money, especially around spending, is wonderful and desperately needed. To put it simply: He encourages people to spend more money on
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Should I withhold 22% or 37% on my RSUs when my company goes public?

As so many of my blog posts seem to, this one starts with “Congratulations! Your company is going IPO! Now you have…all these decisions to make.”
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