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Cash Flow Planning

Is your take-home pay too tiny to live on? That’s okay! We can make it work.

But, Meg, what will I live on? A delightful and Highly Suspicious client asked me this recently when I was talking with her about not only maxing out her participation
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Meg’s Musings: Thriving in the Time of Covid

We are all emerging from the first “stage” of quarantine. We are also all starting to realize that, contrary to what I assumed back in March, this is all going
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Meg’s Musings: (Reducing) Spending Edition

I offer up these thoughts on spending in the spirit of: If it helps, I am happy. If this is not the right time for you to think about such
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Flow FP's block woman has assembled a lot of data, but finds the result confusing.

Okay, I’ve tracked my spending. But how do I make sense of the data?

Tiller. Mint. YNAB. Spreadsheets. Pencil and paper.
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Do Your RSUs Make Your Annual Income Super High? Treat Yourself, Sure, and Also…

 …don’t permanently increase your expenses.
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Are you letting your vested RSUs just sit there, for lack of a better idea? (Video)

Every month or every quarter, your Restricted Stock Units vest and now you own (more) company stock. Are you keeping the company stock…just because you don’t know what you’d do
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Flow FP's block woman seems to be struggling a little in the flow of cash.

Why is it so hard to get a handle on my cash flow? Surely this should be easier!

Do you ever feel that your cash flow should be easier to get a hold of? You should be able to automate it? Not have to think about it so
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Flow FP's block woman contemplates her emergency fund.

Emergency funds. Yes, they’re boring. But do you actually have one that’s big enough?

You cannot cruise the internet without tripping over articles about the partial government shutdown and the increasingly horrible effects it’s having on many government workers and their finances and their
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Without Cash, We Don’t Know What We’re Doing With Our Money (Video)

Do you remember your parents or grandparents using cash and checks to pay for stuff? You use apps and credit cards. Without a physical relationship with money, we’re much more
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Flow FP's Block Woman looks up a grassy hill at her new house, which appears to entirely made of money (expenses)

Want to Buy a Home? Don’t Forget Boring Ol’ Maintenance Costs. Welcome to My Journey as a Homeowner.

I want to paint walls something other than Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005. I want to plant a garden and not have to leave it after just a few
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