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Reflections on 5 Years of Flow

In May 2020, just a couple months into quarantine, I wrote in my Reflections on 4 Years of Flow: The pandemic and the associated economic chaos might well be the
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FLow FP's block woman admires her beautiful 4th anniversary cake.

Reflections on Four Years of Flow.

Every year for Flow’s May 9 anniversary, I write a retrospective. (I also have a dinner of champagne and pan-seared halibut, but that is mostly beside the point.) Flow’s fourth
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Flow FP's Block Woman examines potential advisers with a magnifying glass.

Yes, vetting a financial planner is still entirely on you. Sorry. Here are some questions that can help.

I’m guessing you don’t follow the financial-services media, so you probably missed the recent Giant Kerfuffle: the CFP® Board decided to remove compensation method from its Find a Planner tool.
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