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Before You Invest Your Money, Make Sure You Understand What You’re Investing In

I recently spoke with a prospective client who wants to make sure their advisor can advise on cryptocurrencies, because they own some. Cryptocurrencies fall cleanly outside of my investment philosophy,
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Netflix, Doritos, and How You Can’t Willpower Your Way Through Your Finances.

I am one of about five people in the United States who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription. During the last month, however, I had a free trial. Now that it’s
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Investing is risky. Increasing your earning power is the best protection you have.

Whether you’re a confident investor, or you have a bunch of your money hiding out in cash, I think we can pretty much all agree that the stock market is
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Flow FInancial Planning's Block Woman is confronted with difficult choices and needs discipline

Why should I hire a professional to manage my money?

Having a professional invest your money is not about beating the market. It’s about beating what you’d do on your own.
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Flow Financial Planning's block woman sits on a pile of monopoly money, looking puzzled

I have a mountain of cash. I know I should probably be doing something better with it. But what?

Do you have a goodly amount of money, but it’s all sitting in cash? Maybe you’ve gone so far as to put it into a high-yield online account, but still,
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FLowFP's Block Woman rejects the complex "What The Fund" in favor of the understandable "Simple Vest"

Choose Reasonable Investments by Following 3 Simple Rules

“Reasonable?” you say. “How about Great? Or even Good?”
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My company allows me to contribute after-tax money to my 401(k). Should I?

Hopefully you’ve figured out the basics of your 401(k). Maybe you’ve even figured out whether or not you should contribute to your Roth 401(k). But are you ready for The Next
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A dog named 401(k) performs "roll over" for Flow FP's mascot, block girl.

What Should I Do with My Old 401(k)?

Did you just leave your job? Or did you leave a job a loooong time ago, and just never did anything with that 401(k)?
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Should I Use My Company Stock to Buy A Home?

Do you work for a company whose stock is stratospheric nowadays? Or are you sitting on a bunch of stock from a company that had a successful IPO?  Is this
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Should I Pay Down My Mortgage Faster, or Invest More?

Do you have some extra money, and a mortgage, and you’re wondering whether you should put that extra money towards that mortgage?
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