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Money Mindset

Meg’s Musings: The Unknown

Welcome back to another round of Meg’s random thoughts of the last few months. I hope you enjoy.
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6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other

Reasonable but Arbitrary: The Best You Can Do with Many Financial Decisions.

Have you ever had questions like these about your own finances? Wondered how to figure out the answer? How much should I save for retirement? When should I exercise my
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Stock market. Coronavirus. Do you feel a wee bit anxious? Find comfort in numbers (and double entendres!).

Presumably you have been consuming a lot of media about the coronavirus and the recent stock-market drop. Over the last two weeks, the financial media has been bleeding and leading,
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I Make So Much Money. This Should Be Easy. Why Am I So Stressed Out? (Video)

It’s easy to think that if you make a lot of money, your financial life should be easy. But if you’re anxious, you have every reason to be! Finances in
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Flow FP's block woman sees her yoga mat, high above her on a rock wall. How to get to it?

Do you love your yoga practice? You can apply it to your finances.

Just getting on the mat is the hardest part. Do you do yoga? Do you love yoga? I do. My yoga practices goes back 20 years (because, evidently, I’m Old),
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You really really want to do [fill in Your Thing here]. Are you simply waiting for permission? (Video)

Do you have a Big Idea for your life? Quit your job and start your own business! Take a sabbatical! Buy an expensive home! Go back to school! And is
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