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Flow FP's Block Woman is hit by some tax code changes.

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA (Contribution)? Should I Do it? How Do I Do It?

If I had to wager, backdoor Roth IRA contributions are in the top 3 of #personalfinance Slack channel topics.
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It’s 20 (40) years until I retire! How do I save and invest for the between-now-and-then? (Video)

We’re pretty good at saving for the long term (retirement). We have our 401(k)s and IRAs. We’re pretty good at saving for now. We have cash in our bank accounts.
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Your HSA Is Better than Your 401(k) for Retirement Savings. Don’t Waste it on Actual Health Care Costs.

Like you, I’ve been going through Open Enrollment lately. Only I’ve been going through a whole bunch of open enrollments, for all of my clients. (It’s actually pretty cool, being
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What should women in tech take away from the FIRE movement?

A woman in the audience at Grace Hopper a few weeks ago asked me and my fellow panelists what we thought about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). A sea of
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Flow FP's block woman beside a stack of quarters. A second, smaller stack represents a company match. Matches pairs of quarters, one from each stack, walk into the distance.

My company doesn’t match my 401(k) contributions (or it’s a very small match). Should I still use my 401(k)?

Employer matching contributions to your 401(k) are a beautiful thing. They are also a thing of confusion.
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Retirement is so far away it isn’t real. How can you make sure you’re still saving enough? (Video)

If you’re 30 or 40, retirement can be decades off, and so it’s really hard to envision yourself as a retired person.
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The Curious Math of Roth 401(k)s: You Can Save More Than If You Use a Pre-Tax 401(k)

If your 401(k) offers a Roth option, how do you know if you should contribute to it instead of the usual, pre-tax 401(k)?
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My company allows me to contribute after-tax money to my 401(k). Should I?

Hopefully you’ve figured out the basics of your 401(k). Maybe you’ve even figured out whether or not you should contribute to your Roth 401(k). But are you ready for The Next
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A dog named 401(k) performs "roll over" for Flow FP's mascot, block girl.

What Should I Do with My Old 401(k)?

Did you just leave your job? Or did you leave a job a loooong time ago, and just never did anything with that 401(k)?
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Is Open Enrollment Overwhelming? Just Focus on a Few Things.

Is your open enrollment deadline weighing down on you? Do you feel a persistently anxious feeling because of it?
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