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I want to spend most of our Second Consultation talking about you.

So, please do these things before we meet:

#1. Answer a few questions. (This isn’t a test.)

We’d like to learn a bit more about you before we meet again.

#2. Watch our introductory videos.

The overall “framework” of our work together (if you understand this and nothing else, we’ll have a great relationship) (Also, please forgive me; I’m a financial planner, not a videographer).

The more practical aspects of meetings, topics we address, and deliverables.

#3. Read about how we work.

Investment management

Our service includes investment management. We find we are best able to support our clients’ lives and financial goals when we manage our clients’ investments on their behalf. Whether you’ve worked with an investment advisor before or you’ve never had someone invest your money before, it might be helpful to understand how your money would be invested (we already discussed the shared “passive” philosophy) and also how you would benefit from having us manage your investments. 

Please note that investment management—to the extent you have investments to manage—is a required part of our work with you.(Generally, this means we manage taxable accounts and IRAs. We do not manage employer retirement plans like 401(k)s), stock compensation plans, or “play” investment accounts.) 

Client Engagement Standards

If we work together, we will ask you to review and sign our Client Engagement Standards.

#4. Learn how this Second Consultation works.


I want to spend most of our time learning about you and what you’re looking for in our work together. My goal, by the end of the call, is to figure out how best to serve you. We will, of course, answer any questions you have about us, the firm, and how we might work together. We try to preemptively answer a lot of those questions with the documents linked to above.


If we would like to work together, I will send you an email with a recap of our conversation and a fee quote. We’d then ask you to schedule your first meetings, sign the client agreement, and set up your payment.

If either one of us decides we’re not a good fit, I will do my best to provide helpful resources: other planners, books, blogs, etc.

One of my favorite yoga instructors says, “Showing up is the hardest part.” So, seriously, congratulate yourself for doing the hard part: Actually reaching out to a financial planner.

I look forward to hearing more of your story and talking about how we might work together.

Sincerely, Meg