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Are You a Woman in Your Early to Mid Career in Tech?

Understand (Finally!) Your Complicated Finances. Use Them to Confidently Live the Life You Want.

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We have particular expertise in IPO planning (pre-IPO, navigating the IPO, and post-IPO financial independence) and not making people feel bad about their finances.

Here are some more issues we can help you with.

You have more money than you ever dreamed.

What should you do with it?

This is a big, hairy question. No wonder you’re stressed out. The answer ultimately lies in getting clear on your values and your vision of a good life.

Let us reassure you that it’s okay to not figure it all out at once. Making big decisions right after you come into a lot of money is, in fact, usually a bad idea!
Your company is going public.
It’s. finally. happening. What should you—or even can you—do with your RSUs, stock options, and stock? How much should you sell and when? Should you enroll in this new ESPP? What about taxes?

We’ve led dozens of clients through IPOs and direct listings. We can bring the technical chops, and we ask you to bring the introspection about what really matters to you. Because that, and not anyone’s guess about the future stock price, is the real driver.
You work at a pre-IPO company.
Maybe it’s going to go public. Aaaaand maybe not.

What should you do with your stock options? How do these RSUs even work? What happens if you leave?

Working at a pre-IPO company is the best opportunity you’ll have for getting Big Money. But the earlier stage the company, the bigger the risk it’ll amount to nothing...or at least nothing much. We help you balance that opportunity with the risk.
You have stock compensation...and are bewildered.
“I’m a UX Designer, not a stock comp specialist! Help!”

Exactly. Knowing the intricacies of RSUs, stock options, and ESPPs isn’t your job. Thankfully, it is ours. We help you understand how it works and guide you to making a decision that works for you. Also, the taxes. We can help you understand the taxes. It’s okay. Deep breath.
You want to take a break from tech.
Do you not want to work in tech forever? Do you need a break just to be able to think about taking a break?

We help you figure out the technicalities of taking a break (How do you pay your bills? What about health insurance? What about all this company stock?) as well as help you paint the picture of what comes next.
You want to give to charity.
Do you realize how lucky you are to come into All. This. Money? Do you feel pulled to use your wealth to help others?

We help you think through who gets your money, what other resources (time! skill!) you can provide, how much money to give away while still supporting your own goals, and how to most tax-effectively give away that money.
You’re changing jobs.
What should you negotiate for? What should you do with your old 401(k)? How do you compare two job offers? What about the company stock you’re leaving behind?

We got you.
There’s just so much to figure out.

You can rely on us to step through all the financial nitty gritty, helping you understand what you need to. We have designed our service around your experience in the tech industry (how 401(k)s work, open enrollment, comparing job offers) and at your stage of life (Babies! Home buying! Marriage!).

About FLOW

We find motivation in the women we work with. Their willingness to show up. To tackle tough issues (at their own pace). To work towards the life they want, even when it’s not entirely clear what that is. And to find opportunities to laugh (even if ruefully) along the way.

We focus on women in their early to mid career because this is when so much Is happening! Changing jobs. Changing careers. Buying a home. Getting married. Having babies. Existential crises.

Most of these women have never had to deal with the scale and complexity of the finances they now have, and they have precious few people to talk to about it all.

Founded by Meg Bartelt in 2016, and inspired by her own early career in the tech industry, we know that if we can guide these women to creating a strong and flexible financial foundation, if we can help them unearth, clarify, and commit to what truly matters to them, then they will be more fulfilled and financially stronger for the rest of their lives.

Quite the return on investment, we’d say!