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So. Many. Moving. Parts.

Let’s put them together.


We’re so glad you reached out. Truly. Everyone here at Flow gets so much joy out of seeing people become more confident about their money, grow their financial strength, and most importantly, pursue the life they really want.

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This has to be a good match in both directions. This is such personal, sensitive meaningful work, that we have to fit in terms of personality and process.

we hope to find the best solution for you.

The goal of our first call is not necessarily to win you as a client; it’s to make sure that what we offer is what you need, and that what you need is something we can give to you.

If we can identify that you’d be better off with another financial planner or a different resource, that is a good outcome, too.

At Flow we focus on the client. The money is only a tool. This conversation is the starting point of future conversations and of our work together.

I offer a Friday AMA (Ask Me Anything) for financial planners, current or aspiring.

Do you want to know more about helping clients with equity compensation? About starting and growing a firm in the first 8 years? Blogging? Life planning? Crying a lot in year 1?

These sessions are free. In the spirit of paying it forward, I ask that you give money, if you can afford it, to the BLX Internship Program, an organization whose mission is to “increase the diversity of the financial planning profession to better reflect the population of our country.”

Up to 3 attendees (plus me) at a time. Depending on who RSVPs, we may cover a range of topics. It could even be 1:1, if you are the only person who RSVPs.

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