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As a woman in your early to mid career, you have such a complicated life. That’s exactly why we partner with you.

We walk with you as you navigate decisions, from small to Very Big.
We work with you to unearth and clarify what you want in life.
We help you use the financial and career opportunities in the tech industry.


At every stage, the tech industry offers tremendous financial opportunities. But it’s overwhelming, and maybe it’s not your forever career. So, we help you be intentional with those opportunities. That way, you develop confidence and strength in your finances.

Are you single, 25 years old, making way more money than you ever expected to, and have no one you feel you can talk to about your money?

Does your company’s #personalfinance Slack channel make you feel like an idiot? Or anxious that you’re not doing the right thing?

Maybe you’re 40 and so. over. this tech industry thing. Does the idea of doing other work feel foreign, unattainable, but oh so tempting?

Or are you about to come into a lot of money via an IPO and you really don’t want to screw this up?

Beyond the Numbers, What Will You Get?

The internet can give you information. Too much, in fact. This relationship can help you uncover what’s important and what you need to do.
When you need more life insurance, to roll over some 401(k)s, to invest some extra cash, and to manage the risk of company stock, we help you identify which to do first.
Alignment with your values and intentions.
If you tell us you want to buy a home but you spend most of your money on travel, we’re here to (respectfully) point that out.
Behavioral change is hard, be it your diet, exercise, finances, or relationship. Sometimes meeting for 10 minutes to click a button on a website is just what you need.
A safe place to ask...anything.
“This might be a stupid question, but…” Yep, we get this a lot. While we wish you wouldn’t call your question stupid, we’re very happy to answer it.
Access to other professionals.
You’ll probably need a CPA, insurance broker, attorney, and career coach at some point. We can hook you up. We also connect clients with one another because they can often help each other out.
Connection with your partner.
Each of you have equal value in this work, regardless of your financial knowledge. We believe that a fulfilling partnership requires each partner to be fulfilled.

Who We Are



Founder and Lead Planner.



Lead Planner.


Client Services Associate.


Associate Planner.

Get clear on what you want in life. The financial decisions will follow.

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