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April 2017

Your Financial Advisor Has Conflicts of Interest. What Can You Do About It?

Rule #1: Realize that all advisors have conflicts of interest. It’s not (necessarily) a condemnation of the advisor to have them. It is, realistically, impossible to avoid them.
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I have Restricted Stock Units (RSUs). Now What?

It’s good to have Restricted Stock Units, even if you don’t know exactly how they work. But that lack of understanding can be intimidating and paralyzing, and we end up
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How Do I Know If I’m Saving Enough?

For shorter term goals, the answer is: Math. For longer term goals, the answer is: You don’t.
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Why Women Make Less (and What We Can Do About It)

The wage gap. The space between your paycheck and the paychecks of the men in your office that confirms your worth is not as much as theirs.  It’s a known
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