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Associate Financial Planner



At Flow, we love to uncover the opportunities available to early-to-mid-career women in the tech industry, to watch as our clients start to fully understand their finances for the first time, and to help use their financial opportunities to build the careers and lives that they want. 

We pride ourselves on our mix of technical expertise, just enough technology to get the job done, and life planning. We are driven by empathy, vivid communication, curiosity, and a focus on progress, not perfection. 

We are excited about the future of our firm and the women we serve, and we are ready to expand our team.

About You

About The Role

Your role as an Associate Financial Planner is primarily to learn how to become a Lead Financial Planner. 

You will work with each of the two lead planners in the firm, learning how they communicate with and provide value to clients across the full spectrum of the client relationship. 

Because Flow is a small, growing firm, your work will range from providing support for the two lead planners in the firm (ex., entering data in software) to traditional apprenticeship (ex., sitting in meetings and taking notes, doing client work with a lead planner). 

Eventually, you will start sharing your voice publicly, via our blog or some other form of content marketing. We want you to start to establish your own personal brand/bona fides and, in so doing, broaden Flow’s reach.

We expect that, in 2-3 years’ time, you will move up to Lead Financial Planner, at which time you will lead your own client relationships. It is our job to give you the exposure, training, and support you need to get there. It is your job to want that career track and to actively seek out the learning you need to get there. And, of course, to provide either animal pictures or creative wordplay in Slack.

This role is a career position. As you grow in the role, and as you move from Associate Financial Planner to Lead Financial Planner, your role will expand and your compensation will grow.

What You’ll Be Doing


Within first 6 months:

Within first year:

Within first 2 years:

After 2-3 years…and beyond!:

Other Requirements

Because you’ll be working remotely, you’ll need:

What We Are Offering

Direct Compensation:

Professional development:

Tools to Do Your Job:

What we are not offering now:

How To Apply

Answers to these three questions in your email response:

A 3-minute (or less) Loom video link (free video service) answering ONE of the questions below:

What to Expect in the Application Process

Here’s how the application process should unfold. If you pass one stage, we’ll let you know that you’re moving to the next. If you don’t pass, we will let you know. 

  1. Initial application. We will not start reviewing these until January 7 and then on a rolling basis until we successfully hire someone. Candidates who submit their application by January 7 will be notified about next steps by January 31. 
  2. Zoom call with Meg
  3. Zoom call with the rest of Flow’s team
  4. Assessment test (DISC)
  5. Maybe one more stage of the process or we might just extend an offer. Not sure yet!

And thanks for applying!