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August 2016

If Amazon Makes You Spend More, Can These Apps Make You Save More?

We have all become accustomed to frictionless spending. To our detriment. Thank you, Amazon One-click, Prime, and Dash!
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Charitable Giving for Tech Employees…Take Advantage of Your Unique Opportunities.

A friend of mine in the Bay Area recently learned from a local charity that women in tech between the ages of 25 and 45 are their biggest donors.
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“The Opposite of Spoiled” or Kids V. Money: Thunderdome

Do you want your children to understand what thrift is, evaluate trade-offs in their decision-making, practice gratitude, and grapple with the idea of <gasp!> “enough”? You might want to pick
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Employee Stock Purchase Plans. With a Plan and Discipline in Your Back Pocket, It’s Free Money

If you’re anything like my husband (smart, tech savvy, but jaded about the financial industry and utterly uninterested in the nuts and bolts of personal finance), Employee Stock Purchase Plans
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Advice from the tight rental market to end all tight rental markets.

The rental market can be intimidating. Below is some guidance on basics for house/apartment renting prep so you can have your best foot forward, thought it would be helpful to share! 
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