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savings strategy

Flow FP's Block Woman is hit by some tax code changes.

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA (Contribution)? Should I Do it? How Do I Do It?

If I had to wager, backdoor Roth IRA contributions are in the top 3 of #personalfinance Slack channel topics.
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Meg’s Musings: Thriving in the Time of Covid

We are all emerging from the first “stage” of quarantine. We are also all starting to realize that, contrary to what I assumed back in March, this is all going
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Meg’s Musings: (Reducing) Spending Edition

I offer up these thoughts on spending in the spirit of: If it helps, I am happy. If this is not the right time for you to think about such
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Flow FP's block woman sees her yoga mat, high above her on a rock wall. How to get to it?

Do you love your yoga practice? You can apply it to your finances.

Just getting on the mat is the hardest part. Do you do yoga? Do you love yoga? I do. My yoga practices goes back 20 years (because, evidently, I’m Old),
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Flow FP's block woman contemplates her emergency fund.

Emergency funds. Yes, they’re boring. But do you actually have one that’s big enough?

You cannot cruise the internet without tripping over articles about the partial government shutdown and the increasingly horrible effects it’s having on many government workers and their finances and their
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Your HSA Is Better than Your 401(k) for Retirement Savings. Don’t Waste it on Actual Health Care Costs.

Like you, I’ve been going through Open Enrollment lately. Only I’ve been going through a whole bunch of open enrollments, for all of my clients. (It’s actually pretty cool, being
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What a yoga practice can teach you about building strong personal finances (Video)

If you have a yoga practice, you probably know the importance of having a strong, rooted foundation so that the rest of your body can “fly,” both joyfully and safely.
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If Amazon Makes You Spend More, Can These Apps Make You Save More?

We have all become accustomed to frictionless spending. To our detriment. Thank you, Amazon One-click, Prime, and Dash!
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