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Meg’s Musings: Your Spending Doesn’t Affect Just You.

    Ramit Sethi’s work on the psychology of money, especially around spending, is wonderful and desperately needed. To put it simply: He encourages people to spend more money on
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Reflections on 5 Years of Flow

In May 2020, just a couple months into quarantine, I wrote in my Reflections on 4 Years of Flow: The pandemic and the associated economic chaos might well be the
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Meg’s Musings: The Unknown

Welcome back to another round of Meg’s random thoughts of the last few months. I hope you enjoy.
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Meg’s Musings: Thriving in the Time of Covid

We are all emerging from the first “stage” of quarantine. We are also all starting to realize that, contrary to what I assumed back in March, this is all going
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Meg’s Musings: (Reducing) Spending Edition

I offer up these thoughts on spending in the spirit of: If it helps, I am happy. If this is not the right time for you to think about such
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FLow FP's block woman admires her beautiful 4th anniversary cake.

Reflections on Four Years of Flow.

Every year for Flow’s May 9 anniversary, I write a retrospective. (I also have a dinner of champagne and pan-seared halibut, but that is mostly beside the point.) Flow’s fourth
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Meg’s Musings: Coronavirus Edition

Even as the coronavirus pandemic has upended much of how we understand our lives to work, it has made me wonder about a potential good impact: Will our lives feel
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Meg’s Musings (Inaugural!)

One of the most wonderful parts of being a personal financial planner is that I get to see inside the lives and heads (and neuroses…of which I have my fair
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