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Meg’s Musings: Your Spending Doesn’t Affect Just You.

    Ramit Sethi’s work on the psychology of money, especially around spending, is wonderful and desperately needed. To put it simply: He encourages people to spend more money on
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Meg’s Musings: Thriving in the Time of Covid

We are all emerging from the first “stage” of quarantine. We are also all starting to realize that, contrary to what I assumed back in March, this is all going
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Meg’s Musings: (Reducing) Spending Edition

I offer up these thoughts on spending in the spirit of: If it helps, I am happy. If this is not the right time for you to think about such
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Flow FP's block woman has assembled a lot of data, but finds the result confusing.

Okay, I’ve tracked my spending. But how do I make sense of the data?

Tiller. Mint. YNAB. Spreadsheets. Pencil and paper.
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When You Make a Financial Choice, What’s Motivating It? Something Truly You or External Factors?

A friend and fellow financial-planning-firm owner forwarded an email to me recently. It was a promotion from Google Ads, promising $300 in free ads if he first spent $300 of
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Skip the latte. Not for your budget, but for your happiness.

Money doesn’t buy you happiness, but it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it. -Johnny Depp
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Preparing for Job Loss (of the unintentional sort)

In April, Intel announced that it planned to lay off 12,000 workers. My own husband worked for Hewlett Packard over the last few years as it struggled with reclaiming the success
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