How I Created My Own Charitable Giving Plan: The Final Installation (Probably)

Block Woman reviews a hand-written list of potential charitable donations. There is a pile of cash underneath the list.

Two major iterations (and several years) later, my charitable plan is finally where I want it to be. That said, even my original plan was good enough as it was! After all, the charities were still getting our money, and that’s the whole point. So, please, if there’s one lesson you take away from my “journey,” let it be: Just Start Somewhere.

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Don’t Put Your Tax Return Away Yet! Look for a Few Bits to Improve Your Finances Going Forward.

Tax Day arrives abruptly for Flow Financial Planning's Block Woman.

Welp, you’ve done your taxes. At least, I sure hope you have. 

In this here blog post, I wish not to look backwards and cast aspersions at the IRS or the Trump Administration or your company’s HR department (although lord knows, at times they’ve all deserved it…some more than others). Instead I want to show how you might use your 2018 tax return to make your ongoing finances better.

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