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Roth IRA

Flow FP's Block Woman is hit by some tax code changes.

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA (Contribution)? Should I Do it? How Do I Do It?

If I had to wager, backdoor Roth IRA contributions are in the top 3 of #personalfinance Slack channel topics.
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Flow FP's block woman beside a stack of quarters. A second, smaller stack represents a company match. Matches pairs of quarters, one from each stack, walk into the distance.

My company doesn’t match my 401(k) contributions (or it’s a very small match). Should I still use my 401(k)?

Employer matching contributions to your 401(k) are a beautiful thing. They are also a thing of confusion.
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Help! My 401(k) is crappy.

I’d like to think that 401(k)s at high-tech companies would be inexpensive to administer, provide employee-friendly interfaces, and be full of broadly-diversified, low-cost funds.  
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