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August 2018

Flow Financial Planning's block woman sits on a pile of monopoly money, looking puzzled

Did You Just Come in to a Whole Lot of Money, and, uh, What Next?

In tech, it is possible that you can turn into a (multi-)millionaire overnight. And that can be a really confusing change if you’re accustomed to being a well-paid worker bee
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Do You Want to Radically Change Your Life, and You’re a Bit Scared to Do It?

I think it is not controversial to say that the lives of 20-, 30-, and 40-somethings change all the time. A new job. Moving. Getting married. Having kids. Another new
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Flow FP's Block Woman contemplates two piles of stock, one larger but more ephemeral than the other.

Should You Ask for RSUs or Stock Options?

When you get a job offer, or a raise, or a bonus, you’re probably simply told that you’ll be receiving more restricted stock units or more stock options as part
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Without Cash, We Don’t Know What We’re Doing With Our Money (Video)

Do you remember your parents or grandparents using cash and checks to pay for stuff? You use apps and credit cards. Without a physical relationship with money, we’re much more
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