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April 2018

Investing is risky. Increasing your earning power is the best protection you have.

Whether you’re a confident investor, or you have a bunch of your money hiding out in cash, I think we can pretty much all agree that the stock market is
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Retirement is so far away it isn’t real. How can you make sure you’re still saving enough? (Video)

If you’re 30 or 40, retirement can be decades off, and so it’s really hard to envision yourself as a retired person.
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The Curious Math of Roth 401(k)s: You Can Save More Than If You Use a Pre-Tax 401(k)

If your 401(k) offers a Roth option, how do you know if you should contribute to it instead of the usual, pre-tax 401(k)?
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The Not-So-Obvious Benefits of Using a Financial Planner

  What should I do with my stock options? How much house should I buy? How much should I be saving? Is this idea crazy?
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Flow Financial's Block Woman reads her Benefits Packages

Pay Attention to Your Employee Benefits. They Can Be More Important Than Your Salary.

Even though you get paid well in the tech industry–in both dollars and company stock–there’s another part of your total compensation that you should probably pay more attention to: employee
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