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April 2016

What happened to Apple can happen to you(r company)

Apple stock fell 14% last month. More importantly, in the last year, Apple’s stock has dropped by over a quarter. I don’t really care why.
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Robo-Advisors. Where they shine, and where they don’t.

I love Betterment and Wealthfront. These two companies, among the most popular of the independent “robo advisors,” provide a passively managed, super-low cost,
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Preparing for Job Loss (of the unintentional sort)

In April, Intel announced that it planned to lay off 12,000 workers. My own husband worked for Hewlett Packard over the last few years as it struggled with reclaiming the success
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When $200,000 is just Middle Class

(or “Strategies for Life in a High Cost of Living Area”) A few months ago I spoke with Cindy M., a mother working in the high tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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