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March 2018

Flow FInancial Planning's Block Woman is confronted with difficult choices and needs discipline

Why should I hire a professional to manage my money?

Having a professional invest your money is not about beating the market. It’s about beating what you’d do on your own.
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Flow Financial Planning's block woman sits on a pile of monopoly money, looking puzzled

I have a mountain of cash. I know I should probably be doing something better with it. But what?

Do you have a goodly amount of money, but it’s all sitting in cash? Maybe you’ve gone so far as to put it into a high-yield online account, but still,
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Pay Attention to Your Spending on Amazon (Video)

You can buy anything on Amazon. And they make it reeeeal easy to do so.
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A windfall of money

You Just Received an Inheritance or Other Windfall. NOW What Should You Do?

Did you just receive a lot of money you weren’t quite expecting? Enough money to seriously change your life?
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I’m 30 (or 25, or 45). How Much Money Should I Have?

Aaaaaaggghhh! I would like to dope slap whoever originated the idea that every age has A Number.
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