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Flow Is Hiring!

Specifically, hiring an Associate Advisor. 
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If You Have RSUs and Your Company Just Went Public, You Miiiight Want to Check Your Tax Situation.

A curious thing is happening when big tech companies, like Lyft and Uber, go IPO nowadays. I mean, aside from the fact that their stock immediately starts losing value…although that
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Uber’s Going IPO! What Do I Do?! Will I Be Rich? Ahhhh!

Perhaps by now you’ve settled down after reading the news of the Uber IPO filing a few days ago. My clients who used to work at Uber are, of course,
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What happens to my stock options after my company goes IPO?

Congratulations! It might seem like all tech companies go IPO, but that’s not true. In going IPO, your company is in rarified company.  And now visions of sugarplums, I mean,
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When $200,000 is just Middle Class

(or “Strategies for Life in a High Cost of Living Area”) A few months ago I spoke with Cindy M., a mother working in the high tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.
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