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November 2018

Your HSA Is Better than Your 401(k) for Retirement Savings. Don’t Waste it on Actual Health Care Costs.

Like you, I’ve been going through Open Enrollment lately. Only I’ve been going through a whole bunch of open enrollments, for all of my clients. (It’s actually pretty cool, being
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Flow Financial Planning's Block Woman can only see the obvious one of several choices available.

Don’t Get Trapped by the “Benevolent Dictatorship” of Tech Employers

Last week I spent time in the Bay Area visiting clients, listening to them talk about their jobs and careers, getting treated to free meals at their workplaces, and generally
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Flow Finan

I own a ton of company stock. I’m supposed to be doing something with it, right? Right?

Do you find yourself, after a few years of working at the same company, the proud owner of a whacking big pile of company stock?
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What a yoga practice can teach you about building strong personal finances (Video)

If you have a yoga practice, you probably know the importance of having a strong, rooted foundation so that the rest of your body can “fly,” both joyfully and safely.
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