Whether or Not You’re a Mom at Home, Don’t Be a Mom at Work

I have a full roster of roles in my life as a mother: Keeper of cleanliness, provider of nourishment, principal cheerer-upper, fixer of boo-boos, birthday party planner, and organizer-in-chief. Some of these things I like to do, cooking principally, and others I do because they need to get done. Cleaning – I’m talking to you. Continue reading

Strategies for Maximizing College Financial Aid. Part 2.

Hopefully last week’s blog post helped you understand generally how financial aid works and when you should start doing what. This week, let’s dig into specific strategies and tactics you can use to maximize your child’s financial aid.Continue reading

College Planning: When they’re not little any more

Most of what we hear about the cost of college is How High it is and How Early and How Much you’d better save if you want to send your kids. It’s as if the collective consciousness has forgotten that an equation always has two sides.
Continue reading