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July 2018

Flow FInancial Planning's Block Woman is confronted with difficult choices and needs discipline

When’s the Best Time to Hire a Financial Planner? Before You “Need” One.

I must start with an acknowledgment that this blog post is clearly self-serving. It also happens to be something I genuinely believe.
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What happens to my stock options after my company goes IPO?

Congratulations! It might seem like all tech companies go IPO, but that’s not true. In going IPO, your company is in rarified company.  And now visions of sugarplums, I mean,
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Do you want to be more politically involved? Being intentional about your finances can help.

Money, politics, and sex. Three things you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company. So, let’s talk about them. At least, the first two. I’ve got to know you
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Flow FP's Block Woman looks up a grassy hill at her new house, which appears to entirely made of money (expenses)

Want to Buy a Home? Don’t Forget Boring Ol’ Maintenance Costs. Welcome to My Journey as a Homeowner.

I want to paint walls something other than Sherwin Williams Pure White SW 7005. I want to plant a garden and not have to leave it after just a few
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