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April 2020

Flow FP's Block Woman, overwhelmed by paper, feels a sense of Urgency. Of sorts.

Is Airbnb EVER Going Public?

Have you been waiting a Very Long Time for Airbnb to go public? Did you get all excited back in September of last year when Airbnb announced that it would
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Flow FP's block woman, up to her neck in paperwork, worries as things burn up.

My Airbnb Options Are Expiring Soon. What Should I Do with Them?

If you started at Airbnb several years ago, you might be coming up hard and fast on an unpleasant deadline: The expiration of your options.
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Flow FP's Block Woman finds herself in a blank white landscape, with only a single roll of toilet paper.

Are You Suddenly Aware of Just How UNPrepared You Are for a Crisis?

Last week, I walked into my kitchen and exclaimed to my husband, “I sure am glad we both have life insurance.”
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