How Much Can You Safely Spend from Your Investments?…for the Young and Financially Independent

Block Woman stands at the start of a blurry game board of Life.

You have millions of dollars. You’re 40ish years old. You’re financially independent. At least, you think you are. But that all depends on not taking too much money out of your investment portfolio. So, how much can you spend and still be “safe”?

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How I Created My Own Charitable Giving Plan: The Final Installation (Probably)

Block Woman reviews a hand-written list of potential charitable donations. There is a pile of cash underneath the list.

Two major iterations (and several years) later, my charitable plan is finally where I want it to be. That said, even my original plan was good enough as it was! After all, the charities were still getting our money, and that’s the whole point. So, please, if there’s one lesson you take away from my “journey,” let it be: Just Start Somewhere.

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What Are Estimated Taxes? How Do They Work? What Should You Do About Them?

A few weeks ago, I was talking with a client about his 2023 taxes. About the fact that he hadn’t paid estimated taxes in 2023. And that a probably big, but who-really-knew-how-big tax bill was looming before April 15. And that his CPA would give him some recommendations for paying estimated taxes in 2024. And that he should pay those estimated taxes so we’re not in this position again next year.

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What Are You Excited About?

Block Women is posed slightly above the ground with white inverted curves behind her, indicating jumping. There are also exclamation marks above Block Woman's head, symbolizing excitement.

In my business, the whole team (the whole three of us) gather in December for an annual offsite, a full day dedicated to looking back on the year that’s about to end and forward to the year that is about to begin. A full day also dedicated to lattés, laminated bakery goods, and a delicious lunch with a view of Bellingham Bay. ‘Tis VERY IMPORTANT that such matters be attended to.

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