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Employee benefits/401(k)

Flow FP's Block Woman is hit by some tax code changes.

What Is a Backdoor Roth IRA (Contribution)? Should I Do it? How Do I Do It?

If I had to wager, backdoor Roth IRA contributions are in the top 3 of #personalfinance Slack channel topics.
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I Just Received My Open Enrollment Benefits Booklet. Am I Actually Supposed to Read This Thing?

Amazon recently announced their move from a less-common springtime open enrollment schedule to a more traditional fall one—a change that elicited some (Zoom- and Slack-based) water-cooler chatter from the team
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Should I Use the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)? What IS the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)?

When you log on to your 401(k) website at, say, Fidelity, do you see a mysterious mention of a “BrokerageLink®”? Have you ever wondered what it is and whether you
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Flow FP's block woman contemplates her pay stub, noting the incorrect entry.

Your paystub can be very informative. And also wrong. When’s the last time you double-checked yours?

In the last month, two of my clients have looked at their paystubs and realized that their 401(k) contributions were going into Roth instead of pre-tax. This wouldn’t be a
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What? You mean my 401(k) can go DOWN? Well, I never…

How long have you been paying attention to your investments, or to the stock market? Has it been only for the last few years, or, maybe only since 2009?
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Anatomy of an Awesome 401(k). How Does Yours Compare?

Recently a few of my clients at major tech companies (to remain nameless!) have forwarded to me company emails proclaiming the latest improvements in their 401(k) offering. These improvements have
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Your HSA Is Better than Your 401(k) for Retirement Savings. Don’t Waste it on Actual Health Care Costs.

Like you, I’ve been going through Open Enrollment lately. Only I’ve been going through a whole bunch of open enrollments, for all of my clients. (It’s actually pretty cool, being
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How Can We Make Part-Time Tech Roles Work For Both Employee and Employer?

Have you ever wanted to work in a part-time role in a technical field but fear that it will stall your career? Are you a manager and feel that hiring
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Flow FP's Block Woman contemplates two piles of stock, one larger but more ephemeral than the other.

Should You Ask for RSUs or Stock Options?

When you get a job offer, or a raise, or a bonus, you’re probably simply told that you’ll be receiving more restricted stock units or more stock options as part
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What happens to my stock options after my company goes IPO?

Congratulations! It might seem like all tech companies go IPO, but that’s not true. In going IPO, your company is in rarified company.  And now visions of sugarplums, I mean,
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