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How I Created My Own Charitable Giving Plan

Do you have a charitable spirit? Maybe you already give some money away. Perhaps you want to start giving. Are you stymied by the “But HOW exactly?” of charitable giving?
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Flow FP's Block Woman launches in AirBnB's Apollo 11 rocket.

Airbnb Is Going Public. What a Good Time to Give Away Your Money.

If you’re staring at a windfall from Airbnb’s upcoming IPO, let’s take a moment to think about giving some of it away.
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Just pick an easy way to give to charity and go. Think about taxes later.

The vast majority of my clients say they want to give more to charities and causes they care about, and, importantly, be more structured and formal in their giving.
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FlowFP's Block Wo,man contemplates various options for charitable giving.

Maybe you’re better off giving your money to causes you care about, and not focusing on tax-deductibility.

When I started my firm in 2016, our household income went to $0. Being the financial planner I am, my mind went immediately from “we have no income” to “oooh,
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Do you want to be more politically involved? Being intentional about your finances can help.

Money, politics, and sex. Three things you’re not supposed to talk about in polite company. So, let’s talk about them. At least, the first two. I’ve got to know you
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So Your Company Is Going IPO

Is your company going IPO? With all the stories of IPO riches that transform people’s lives life, you must be getting excited.
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Charitable Giving for Tech Employees…Take Advantage of Your Unique Opportunities.

A friend of mine in the Bay Area recently learned from a local charity that women in tech between the ages of 25 and 45 are their biggest donors.
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