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A dark cloud with rain falling hovers over Block Woman

Sometimes it just sucks to be an investor. And consumer.

Do you pay attention to the financial press or to what’s happening in the stock market (or bond market!) or to the price of broccoli at your local grocery store?
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You Can Save in Three Different Tax “Buckets.” What Are They, and Why Should You Care?

I’m violating one of the cardinal rules of content marketing here by writing about something I want you to know about, instead of something that you want you to know
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Angel investing. You really really want to. But should you?

You got that itch to invest in some early stage companies. Maybe a former colleague founded a company and you know they’re Super Smart and their idea is So Good.
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This time with feeling: Keep your investing simple to get better returns.

My blog posts about investing are usually just so damn boring. But this time, this time, I …shoot, no, it’s just more of the same. At least this time I
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Simple Investing is Good Investing

Don’t let anyone tell you that wealthy people don’t invest in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. These traditional investment categories are the backbone of most portfolios and, in many cases,
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When You Invest, Start with the Right Questions (Hint: They’re Pretty Simple)

Should I invest in the stock market?Should I invest in crypto?Should I use Robinhood?Should I keep my money as cash? When you start thinking about investing your money, these are
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Stock market. Coronavirus. Do you feel a wee bit anxious? Find comfort in numbers (and double entendres!).

Presumably you have been consuming a lot of media about the coronavirus and the recent stock-market drop. Over the last two weeks, the financial media has been bleeding and leading,
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Flow FP's Block Woman Contemplates the Shell Game

Tricks (Witting or Not) that Investment Advisors Play

I am an investment advisor. I believe that I, and many other investment advisors, bring real value to our clients’ lives. But man, this profession is rife with, mmmm, unseemly
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Flow FP's Block woman is safe in her bucket, in a dangerous world.

It’s the 90th anniversary of the Crash of 1929. Are you ready for the next market crash?

As is part of my weekend tradition, this past weekend I read Jason Zweig’s column (paywall) in the Wall Street Journal. (And yes, to answer your unasked question: I do
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It’s 20 (40) years until I retire! How do I save and invest for the between-now-and-then? (Video)

We’re pretty good at saving for the long term (retirement). We have our 401(k)s and IRAs. We’re pretty good at saving for now. We have cash in our bank accounts.
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Flow FP's Block Woman can't stop seeing the INVESTING line on the eye chart.

How Focused Should I Be on Investing? There Are So Many Other Pieces of My Financial Puzzle.

It depends. Thank you. Thank you. I’m here all week.
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Flow FP's Block Woman hides in her foxhole, worried about impending catastrophe.

Do you fear a recession might be around the corner? What can you do to prepare?

Have you started to hear rumblings from your friends, colleagues, family, or the media that a recession is probably coming soon? Are you nursing a fair bit of anxiety about
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