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Uber’s Going IPO! What Do I Do?! Will I Be Rich? Ahhhh!

Perhaps by now you’ve settled down after reading the news of the Uber IPO filing a few days ago. My clients who used to work at Uber are, of course,
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Flow Finan

I own a ton of company stock. I’m supposed to be doing something with it, right? Right?

Do you find yourself, after a few years of working at the same company, the proud owner of a whacking big pile of company stock?
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Block Woman looks out over the audience at the Grace Hopper 2018 conference.

My Takeaways from #GHC18. And Yes They’re All About Money.

I think I’m still processing the scale and energy of the 2018 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. This was my second year attending. The conference is, obviously, about
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Flow FP's Block Woman contemplates two piles of stock, one larger but more ephemeral than the other.

Should You Ask for RSUs or Stock Options?

When you get a job offer, or a raise, or a bonus, you’re probably simply told that you’ll be receiving more restricted stock units or more stock options as part
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What happens to my stock options after my company goes IPO?

Congratulations! It might seem like all tech companies go IPO, but that’s not true. In going IPO, your company is in rarified company.  And now visions of sugarplums, I mean,
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Investing is risky. Increasing your earning power is the best protection you have.

Whether you’re a confident investor, or you have a bunch of your money hiding out in cash, I think we can pretty much all agree that the stock market is
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Employee Stock Purchase Plans. With a Plan and Discipline in Your Back Pocket, It’s Free Money

If you’re anything like my husband (smart, tech savvy, but jaded about the financial industry and utterly uninterested in the nuts and bolts of personal finance), Employee Stock Purchase Plans
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My company hit it big! What do I do with all this stock?

Some of the problems in the high tech industry are enviable problems to have. To wit: having a lot of company stock because your company made it big.
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What happened to Apple can happen to you(r company)

Apple stock fell 14% last month. More importantly, in the last year, Apple’s stock has dropped by over a quarter. I don’t really care why.
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