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Flow FP's Block Woman can't stop seeing the INVESTING line on the eye chart.

How Focused Should I Be on Investing? There Are So Many Other Pieces of My Financial Puzzle.

It depends. Thank you. Thank you. I’m here all week.
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What? You mean my 401(k) can go DOWN? Well, I never…

How long have you been paying attention to your investments, or to the stock market? Has it been only for the last few years, or, maybe only since 2009?
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Anatomy of an Awesome 401(k). How Does Yours Compare?

Recently a few of my clients at major tech companies (to remain nameless!) have forwarded to me company emails proclaiming the latest improvements in their 401(k) offering. These improvements have
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Flow Finan

I own a ton of company stock. I’m supposed to be doing something with it, right? Right?

Do you find yourself, after a few years of working at the same company, the proud owner of a whacking big pile of company stock?
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Flow FP's block woman beside a stack of quarters. A second, smaller stack represents a company match. Matches pairs of quarters, one from each stack, walk into the distance.

My company doesn’t match my 401(k) contributions (or it’s a very small match). Should I still use my 401(k)?

Employer matching contributions to your 401(k) are a beautiful thing. They are also a thing of confusion.
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Before You Invest Your Money, Make Sure You Understand What You’re Investing In

I recently spoke with a prospective client who wants to make sure their advisor can advise on cryptocurrencies, because they own some. Cryptocurrencies fall cleanly outside of my investment philosophy,
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Flow FP's Block Woman celebrates 2 years of serving Women In Tech

Life and Financial Lessons from Two Years of Flow

Flow is two years old today. Starting and growing the firm has been stressful, invigorating, challenging, educational (boy howdy), gratifying, ego-stroking, ego-crushing, and validating.
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Netflix, Doritos, and How You Can’t Willpower Your Way Through Your Finances.

I am one of about five people in the United States who doesn’t have a Netflix subscription. During the last month, however, I had a free trial. Now that it’s
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Investing is risky. Increasing your earning power is the best protection you have.

Whether you’re a confident investor, or you have a bunch of your money hiding out in cash, I think we can pretty much all agree that the stock market is
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Flow FInancial Planning's Block Woman is confronted with difficult choices and needs discipline

Why should I hire a professional to manage my money?

Having a professional invest your money is not about beating the market. It’s about beating what you’d do on your own.
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