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Flow FP's Block Woman launches in AirBnB's Apollo 11 rocket.

Airbnb Is Going Public. Time to Create a (Flexible) Strategy.

Soooo…Airbnb’s going public. Can I get a woo woooo?!
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Flow FP's block woman brings a stack of shares to the powers that be.

My (private) company is doing a tender offer. Should I participate?

When you work at a private company, you might dream about your company going IPO one day, and all your company stock turning into riches. If you’re reading this post,
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Flow FP's block woman contemplates future cash with a checklist in hand

A Collection of The Most Important Bits About Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Over many blog posts and over many conversations with clients and colleagues, I’ve trotted out a few different ways of framing and understanding RSUs. I never know what framing is
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Flow FP's Block Woman, overwhelmed by paper, feels a sense of Urgency. Of sorts.

Is Airbnb EVER Going Public?

Have you been waiting a Very Long Time for Airbnb to go public? Did you get all excited back in September of last year when Airbnb announced that it would
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Flow FP's block woman, up to her neck in paperwork, worries as things burn up.

My Airbnb Options Are Expiring Soon. What Should I Do with Them?

If you started at Airbnb several years ago, you might be coming up hard and fast on an unpleasant deadline: The expiration of your options.
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What Should I Do with My Vesting RSUs, Now that the Stock Market Is Tanking?

You work for a public company. Your RSUs are continuing to vest. The stock market and, more importantly, your company stock have dropped a lot in price. Even if you’ve
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Flow FP's Block Woman Contemplates the Shell Game

Tricks (Witting or Not) that Investment Advisors Play

I am an investment advisor. I believe that I, and many other investment advisors, bring real value to our clients’ lives. But man, this profession is rife with, mmmm, unseemly
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Flow FP's block woman balances precariously on a large pile of stock.

You have lots of private-company stock. Should you sell it on a private secondary market?

You’ve got gobs of stock or options in Airbnb. Or Palantir. Or some other valuable but private company. The money is So Close. You can almost feel it. And yet,
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It’s 20 (40) years until I retire! How do I save and invest for the between-now-and-then? (Video)

We’re pretty good at saving for the long term (retirement). We have our 401(k)s and IRAs. We’re pretty good at saving for now. We have cash in our bank accounts.
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Should I Use the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)? What IS the Brokerage Window in My 401(k)?

When you log on to your 401(k) website at, say, Fidelity, do you see a mysterious mention of a “BrokerageLink®”? Have you ever wondered what it is and whether you
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