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Public-company equity

How many of my RSUs should I sell?

How many of your RSUs should you sell when they vest? I have long given the advice, “Just sell ‘em all, ASAP.” But I’ve grown a bit soft in my
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A Collection of The Most Important Bits About Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Over many blog posts and over many conversations with clients and colleagues, I’ve trotted out a few different ways of framing and understanding RSUs. I never know what framing is
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Do Your RSUs Make Your Annual Income Super High? Treat Yourself, Sure, and Also…

 …don’t permanently increase your expenses.
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Do you fear a recession might be around the corner? What can you do to prepare?

Have you started to hear rumblings from your friends, colleagues, family, or the media that a recession is probably coming soon? Are you nursing a fair bit of anxiety about
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Are you letting your vested RSUs just sit there, for lack of a better idea? (Video)

Every month or every quarter, your Restricted Stock Units vest and now you own (more) company stock. Are you keeping the company stock…just because you don’t know what you’d do
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I own a ton of company stock. I’m supposed to be doing something with it, right? Right?

Do you find yourself, after a few years of working at the same company, the proud owner of a whacking big pile of company stock?
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Higher Salary or More Equity: Which Should You Choose? (Video)

Working in tech, you likely have had to make this decision at some point. Or you will soon. The answer is not obvious! Nor is it the same for you
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Early Exercising Stock Options. Whaaaa?

You’re working at an awesome company. You think it might Go Big. And they’ve given you a bunch of stock options that vest over several years.
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Employee Stock Purchase Plans. With a Plan and Discipline in Your Back Pocket, It’s Free Money

If you’re anything like my husband (smart, tech savvy, but jaded about the financial industry and utterly uninterested in the nuts and bolts of personal finance), Employee Stock Purchase Plans
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My company hit it big! What do I do with all this stock?

Some of the problems in the high tech industry are enviable problems to have. To wit: having a lot of company stock because your company made it big.
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