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Flow FP's Block Woman, overwhelmed by paper, feels a sense of Urgency. Of sorts.

Is Airbnb EVER Going Public?

Have you been waiting a Very Long Time for Airbnb to go public? Did you get all excited back in September of last year when Airbnb announced that it would
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What Should I Do with My Vesting RSUs, Now that the Stock Market Is Tanking?

You work for a public company. Your RSUs are continuing to vest. The stock market and, more importantly, your company stock have dropped a lot in price. Even if you’ve
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Report from the Women-in-Tech Front (a.k.a. GHC19)

Things I learned at Grace Hopper this year: I cannot do basic arithmetic while standing in front of an audience of 200 people. 100 x 1000 really should be doable.
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Do Your RSUs Make Your Annual Income Super High? Treat Yourself, Sure, and Also…

 …don’t permanently increase your expenses.
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Flow Is Hiring!

Specifically, hiring an Associate Advisor. 
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If You Have RSUs and Your Company Just Went Public, You Miiiight Want to Check Your Tax Situation.

A curious thing is happening when big tech companies, like Lyft and Uber, go IPO nowadays. I mean, aside from the fact that their stock immediately starts losing value…although that
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Tax Day arrives abruptly for Flow Financial Planning's Block Woman.

Don’t Put Your Tax Return Away Yet! Look for a Few Bits to Improve Your Finances Going Forward.

Welp, you’ve done your taxes. At least, I sure hope you have.  In this here blog post, I wish not to look backwards and cast aspersions at the IRS or
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Are you letting your vested RSUs just sit there, for lack of a better idea? (Video)

Every month or every quarter, your Restricted Stock Units vest and now you own (more) company stock. Are you keeping the company stock…just because you don’t know what you’d do
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Flow FP's block woman seems to be struggling a little in the flow of cash.

Why is it so hard to get a handle on my cash flow? Surely this should be easier!

Do you ever feel that your cash flow should be easier to get a hold of? You should be able to automate it? Not have to think about it so
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Uber’s Going IPO! What Do I Do?! Will I Be Rich? Ahhhh!

Perhaps by now you’ve settled down after reading the news of the Uber IPO filing a few days ago. My clients who used to work at Uber are, of course,
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