A Collection of The Most Important Bits About Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

Flow FP's block woman contemplates future cash with a checklist in hand

Over many blog posts and over many conversations with clients and colleagues, I’ve trotted out a few different ways of framing and understanding RSUs. I never know what framing is going to hit home, so I thought I’d gather them all into one post. Maybe one thing I write below will finally make you go, “Oooooohhhhh! That’s how they work.” A gal can hope.

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Is Airbnb EVER Going Public?

Flow FP's Block Woman, overwhelmed by paper, feels a sense of Urgency. Of sorts.

Have you been waiting a Very Long Time for Airbnb to go public? Did you get all excited back in September of last year when Airbnb announced that it would go public in 2020? Are you beginning to wonder if it will ever happen? All that lovely stock, all those beautiful RSUs, all those tempting stock options…when will they turn into MONEY?!

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If You Have RSUs and Your Company Just Went Public, You Miiiight Want to Check Your Tax Situation.

A curious thing is happening when big tech companies, like Lyft and Uber, go IPO nowadays. I mean, aside from the fact that their stock immediately starts losing value…although that figures into my point, which is:

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Don’t Put Your Tax Return Away Yet! Look for a Few Bits to Improve Your Finances Going Forward.

Tax Day arrives abruptly for Flow Financial Planning's Block Woman.

Welp, you’ve done your taxes. At least, I sure hope you have. 

In this here blog post, I wish not to look backwards and cast aspersions at the IRS or the Trump Administration or your company’s HR department (although lord knows, at times they’ve all deserved it…some more than others). Instead I want to show how you might use your 2018 tax return to make your ongoing finances better.

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